Frequently Asked Questions

WHO QUALIFIES FOR MEALS-ON-WHEELS? The criterion for service is that you are homebound and unable to shop or cook for oneself. There is no age or income requirement. Service may be long term, as for the elderly and infirmed, or of short term duration for those who are convalescing. Clients may be reevaluated to assess their current situation.
WHO SHOULD MAKE THE CONTACT AND HOW? Prospective recipients, their friends or relatives may call 724-285-3815 for further information. Office hours are from 8:00am to 1:00pm Monday thru Friday.
HOW MUCH DOES MEALS-ON-WHEELS COST? A fee is charged which covers approximately 50% of the cost of the meal. This is supplemented by community donations and volunteer hours. Fees are payable in advance by cash, check or food stamp made payable to Butler Meals on Wheels. Financial aide may be considered on a case by case situation. Some allowances may be made for special diets, according to physician’s prescription.
HOW IS MEALS-ON-WHEELS FUNDED? Meals on Wheels is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Butler Meals on Wheels does not receive funding from government institutions or agencies. All funding is derived from client fees, local individuals, organizations and churches. All contributions are tax deductible and make it possible to continue this service.
HOW DOES THE PROGRAM WORK? About 250 volunteers contribute time and skills to make this service possible. They usually work one day a week, two hours or more to prepare, pack, drive or deliver the meals.This is a rewarding experience. The basis of the entire program is that it is volunteer/community oriented. The program would not exist without volunteer support and community donations.
IS THE PROGRAM EVER CANCELED? Meals on Wheels staff may cancel the delivery of meals due to an emergency. This has usually only been during bad weather, when Butler Area schools are closed. Cancellation of meals are broadcast on the local radio stations. Emergency food supplies must be maintained in the client’s home in case meal delivery is cancelled.
HOW CAN I CANCEL A MEAL? If it becomes necessary for you to cancel meals for a particular day or period of days because of hospitalization, the Meals on Wheels office needs to be notified at least one day in advance. Service may be terminated on a permanent basis at any time. Recipients should ask to be removed from the program when they are able to take care of themselves. This enables someone else to benefit from this service.
HOW CAN I HELP? Since this is a volunteer and community oriented program, we can always use your support. Without you, Meals on Wheels could not exist. If you wish to make a tax deductible contribution or would like to volunteer your time, please call 724-285-3815.
WAYS TO CONTRIBUTE? A. Contribute through your place of worship or a community organization.

B. Wills, Memorials, Trusts or other means of remembrance.

C. Outright donation to Butler Meals on Wheels.

A SAMPLE MENU HOT MEAL                                            Optional 2nd Meal

Meat Loaf with Gravy                               Chicken Salad sandwich

Whipped Potatoes                                   Pudding

Green Beans                                          Cut up Fresh Vegetables

Carton of Milk


One slice bread w/Butter


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